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Early Results

The slideshow below provides the details, dates, and amounts of our early purchases and sales.

May 2016

Our research into the world of Cryptocurrencies began in May 2016.


The first purchase was made on 10th May 2016


ETH (Ethereum)


Capital risk: $10,000

Purchase price: $9.36

ETH acquired: 1068


The decision to sell HALF of the ETH was taken on 16th June 2016, the value had reached $19.42

ETH Sold: 534

Sale price: $19.01

Capital recovered: $10,151

ETH held: 534

Crypto bought and sold

The figures below cover 3 of the early acquisitions & sales.


The emphasis was on protecting the underlying asset, which in each case was $10,000

Selling the asset at double the value and realizing the original risk capital, allowed us to hold half of the asset waiting for further gains.


On the 15th March 2017 2,475 LTC was purchased at a price of $4.04 per LTC

Almost half of those - 1,237 LTC - was then sold on 10th May 2017, realizing the risk capital and achieving a significant profit of $29,138Representing a gain of 291.38%




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